The Mythical Tale Of King Arthur Written By Thomas Mallory

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In this essay, one can analyze the mythical tale of King Arthur written by Thomas Mallory, Le Morte D’Arthur, and translated via classroom textbook by Donna Rosenberg. If you love the mystical realm or enjoy nobility and what they do behind closed doors, then read Le Morte D’Arthur. Or, if you love conflict that is between the desires of the flesh, but also desires and responsibility of being King of Britain, then you may find the legend of King Arthur just your cup of tea to read.
A myth can have a number of functions for the society that believed it true, and it is true with King Arthur as well. The function that one will discuss in this paper will be that of the Metaphysical (Mystical) function. The definition that was given by Joseph Campbell, creator of the four functions of myth defines Metaphysical Function as to instill or support a sense of awe and mystery towards the cosmos. The mystical experience cannot be put into words. Some see this as the primary function of myth.
The symbolism for Metaphysical function for the King Arthur legend can be broken down by one visualizing it as the body as a whole. For instance, the head of the myth stands for the country of England. The country holds logic and reason of the Legend of Arthur to the throne of Britain. The hands are meant to represent Rome, which represents the religion of the time. The torso or breasts are the learning aspects of mortals. As we move downward, we find the navel, which takes the meaning for the

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