The Aeneid, The Iliad and the Odyssey

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Practically thousands of years after they were thought of and written, the Aeneid, The Iliad and the Odyssey continue to be three of the most renowned and broadly read stories ever told. The Aeneid is an epic poem written in 12 books and is modeled in part on the great Greek epic poems, on Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. Odysseus is trying to get back to the home, Aeneas is seeking the new In the Aeneid the first six books were in correspondence to the Odyssey because they illustrated Aeneas' hunt for a home. Throughout the journey Aeneas path was place in the same familiar places that Odysseus had traveled in. The essential difference between the paths was that at the same time as Odysseus was trying to return to his original home he left to go to the Trojan War years earlier, Aeneas was trying to find a place he could belong where he and his companions are intended to inhabit after the demolition of Troy. Odysseus is the conqueror in The Odyssey, and Aeneas, is he superman of The Aeneid. The two men fought the battle over Troy together but on two opposite sides. Odysseus was the ruler of Ithaca and was questionably the one of the cleverest kings of his time and warrior in all of Greece because of his resourceful Trojan horse idea he used to overcome Troy. Some would say that Odysseus and his army was losing the war up until they built the horse that they could hide in and plan a sneak attack on the Trojans. Once the horse got inside Odysseus and his men waited until they

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