Similarities Between The Odyssey and The Aeneid

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The Odyssey and Aeneid Long ago, there were two powerful nations located in southern Europe. First there were the Greeks, this nation was known for the first practice of democracy. Other than democracy, during the Greeks era there was a man by the name Homer who wrote a story called The Odyssey about a great legendary hero named Odysseus. After the Greeks, then came the Romans who ruled Greece for centuries. The Romans during their time were known to have practiced and used many of the Greeks cultures and theories. There was a Roman named Virgil who wrote about the beginning of the Romans. He created a story called The Aeneid; this story was about a Trojan who escaped a losing war to find a new home and peace. Even though these two stories may be hard to understand, Homer and Virgil are making statements about their nation after the Trojan War, because Odysseus was a legendary Greek king and Aeneas of Troy was known to be a beginning of the Romans. Homer and Virgil had used characters from the Trojan War as heroes. Homer used Odysseus as the protagonist, while Virgil chose Aeneas as his main character. Both these two were similar because they both symbolize a great hero for their nation. Odysseus was known as a heroic Greek king who helped defeat the Troy. His wooden horse idea was the only reason the Greeks overcame the favored Trojans. Aeneas was a hero as well, but was known more by the Romans. After Troy fell, Aeneas was looking for a new home and peace. He was a
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