The Affordable Care Act Of The United States Essay

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The revised affordable care act was intended to solve the everlasting issue of how health insurance would be delivered and how it would be paid for. The ACA requires everyone to have insurance. Public insurance was expanded and private insurance rates were subsidized. There are raises in revenue because of the new taxes surrounding the ACA, and a cut in spending under the nation 's largest insurance plan, which is Medicare. Projecting the impacts of fundamental reform to the health care system is filled with complicatedness. This brief describes these reforms and, where possible, documents their initial impact at the ACA’s five-year mark. Our report discusses the key results from that prior reform and what they might imply for the impacts of the ACA. Introduction This report will analyze delivery and payment (financial) models in existence today after the implementation of the ACA. The purpose of this report is to provide information on at least 5 payment models and different types of models that are implemented in the healthcare organizations with our choice of health care industry The Health Maintenance Organizations, well-known as HMO, has made healthcare a reasonably priced for numerous people here in America. What is an HMO? An HMO is an organization where the patient or subscriber is able to choose a medical provider from a list of doctors in a certain medical group. Every medical doctor has signed an agreement to see patients at a reduced rate. This kind of
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