The Age Of Enlightenment By Voltaire

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1. Do some research on Voltaire and his beliefs as well as the era in which he wrote, which was the Age of Enlightenment. Be sure to cite your sources of information.

The Age of Enlightenment occurred from the 1620s until the 1780s. This movement began in England, and steadily spread almost worldwide before long. The term Enlightenment was used to contrast the Dark Ages, a time in which innovation and free-thinking was at an all-time low. Voltaire’s French philosophy included free-thinking and the struggle for defense of civil liberties, in which he uses almost every known literary form, including novels, poetry, and performance art such as plays. His intellectual skepticism of traditional beliefs and dogmas denotes an “illumined” contrast to the supposed dark and superstitious character of the Middle Ages.

2. Satire is a literary genre in which human vices, folly, and flaws are ridiculed or mocked, often with the intention bringing about change. How do Voltaire use techniques such as irony, sarcasm, and understatement for his satirical purposes? Give some examples from throughout the book.

Voltaire uses irony and satire in many different situations during the story. A prime example of these literary forms can be found in the form of religion, for example when the Catholic Inquisitor speaks against his own ideals and keeps a mistress, and a Franciscan friar who operates as a jewel thief, even though
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