The Age Of The 19th Century

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Twenty Grand Back at the 19th century, there was a young family contains parents, grandmother and two girls lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The father of the family get married with his wife when they were young. He was working as a Guard bum for the Air National Guard, and he lived around sixty miles south from Portsmouth with hundreds of men. Both parents allocate five years from their life to move around the country for the sake of the father’s work. However, when his wife got pregnant, he decided that they need to be settled. For this reason, he took his family to live with his mother temporary. The grandmother had more money than her son and his family, therefore, she offered him a piece of land in order to build a house on it. In addition, his wife was neither studying nor working; thus, the only Financial income for the family was the father’s salary which made the family live in difficult situation to accomplish.
The mother had demised an old Armenian coin, which she always keep it in her purse, from her mother’s mother. At one day, the mother spent the coin even though her grandma told her not to do so, but she spent it simply to cover her children needs. When her husband knew about that he got angry because the coin was worth twenty grand which means that they were able to buy house and furnish it. They tried to get the coin back, unfortunately, they couldn’t. This story by Rebecca Curtis is a vivid picture of how some low-income families are suffering from

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