The Age of Exploration Essay

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The desire to explore the unknown has been a driving force in human history since the dawn of time. From the earliest documented accounts, ancient civilizations have explored the world around them. Early adventures were motivated by religious beliefs, a desire for conquest, the need for trade, and an unsatisfying hunger for gold. The great Age of Exploration, beginning in the late 1400s, was an important era in the discovery and development of lands yet unknown to the Europeans. During this period, Europe sought new sea routes to Asia in pursuit of economic gain, increased glory, and opportunities to spread Christianity. Although these were motivations for explorers, the impact from the discoveries resulted in significant changes and …show more content…

They also encountered the Americas as well, They took the same stance as the Spanish towards the Natives and were very cruel to them. Unlike the Spanish though, Portugal focused more on agriculture than on conquest. They soon had many Sugar-cane plantations set up all over Northern South America. The Portuguese needed slaves to work these plantation, but instead of using the natives, they used blacks from Africa. Eventually, the triangular route they took to capture slaves and bring them to the New World became known as the Middle Passage. Although having initial success, the Portuguese empire soon experienced conflicts with the Netherlands and dropped back in the exploration race.
Other nations of Europe had other things in mind than silver and gold when exploring the Americas. England, for example, had religious reasons as well for exploring. Their first claim over seas was located in New Foundland, which was discovered by John Cabot. The Enlish got off to a bad start though with the failure to settle Jamestown, Virginia. It was not until the Voyage of the Pilgrims, who were seeking Religious Freedom, that a permanent settlement existed there in the name of England. The new settlers got along well with the natives and even had a great Thanksging” among each other. The Pilgrims brought with them their religion and the spread of Christianity

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