The Aim of Feminist Theology Is Simply to Seek Equality Between Men and Women

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'The aim of feminist theology is simply to seek equality between women and men' Discuss. Feminist theology is a movement found in many religions. Feminist theology aims to reconsider the traditions, scriptures and theologies of those religions from a feminist perspective. It can be argued that feminist theology just wants equality between men and women, however, It can also be put across that seeking equality is not their only aim. Liberal feminist theology is fundamentally rooted in the Enlightenment philosophers who place a high value on reason and recognise that men and women share the same powers of reason. Key thinkers, such as Immanuel Kant, think that whilst there may be physical differences between men and women, there is no…show more content…
Better you die than I.' This therefore shows that the daughter isn’t giving up her life and chooses not to be sacrificed. It is evident that Stanton is trying to seek equality between men and women, by putting across the view that women can also stand up for themselves and not be punished only because men put them out as a sacrifice. The fact that she rejects the original ending to Jephthah's daughter shows her attempt to bring equality between men and women, as she is making women powerful and on the same level as men, because she is defending herself. On the other hand, it can be said that the fact that Jephthah was submissive shows that she was courageous instead. In addition, Liberal feminist theologians argue that Biblical passages which discriminate or demean women are to be understood in the context of their historical setting. Many feminist theologians use the hermeneutic of suspicion to challenge traditional interpretations of the Bible. For Phyllis Trible , Genesis 2-3 presents a problem and she has reinterpreted it. Using the hermeneutic of suspicion enabled feminist theologians to reject traditional patriarchal understandings of the text without rejecting the Bible itself. For example, it says that, Eve is created out of man, which makes her less in God's image and dependent on man, she is made second, she is made to be his helper, she sins and leads him into sin, and she is punished by having him as a master over her. However, Trible

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