The Alchemist And Walt Whitman's Journey

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Paulo Coehlo and Walt Whitman both use their works ¨The Alchemist” and ¨Song of the Open Road¨ to portray you embarking on a life fulfilling journey. It’s true, that’s what life does. It makes you cry and laugh and think and stop, sometimes. It’s all about the experience. Journeys try everything you are willing to give and both of these authorś works show that destiny, while inevitable, can be bent to accommodate your desires.
The world can, and sometimes will, affect how your life will turn out and what you do with it. It can change the outcomes of your choices and change you as a person in general. Sometimes, the world wants to help you. As Paulo Coelho wrote on page 22 of The Alchemist, “And when you want something, all the universe conspires
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People shape you. They nurture you and they make you who you are. You think, “Oh, that person doesn’t influence me at all. All of my decisions are of my own merit.” I say that’s foolish to believe, because you’d be surprised how much and how many people impact your daily life. But, when you’re trying to live out your dreams, is it really a good idea for them to have a significant influence on you? Don’t misunderstand, you can always take advice(and do so with grace), but sometimes, some things are better left alone in your hands. Paulo Coelho writes on page 18, “They wanted me to be a priest, but I decided to become a shepherd.” Here, Santiago is responding to Melchizedek’s thoughts on the world’s greatest lie(which is that we lose control of what happens to us at some point, and believe that fate takes over). I think this illustrates a great example of how no matter what others may insist, you ultimately have the choice to do what you wish. Santiago goes against his parents’(and possibly friends’) wishes to do something he wants. That’s the thing about your destiny‒ you’ve got to make it yours or else it’s no longer your destiny.
Walt Whitman writes in section five, “¨Whoever denies me [gladness and roughness] shall not trouble me, [and] whoever accepts me he or she shall be blessed and shall bless me.” Whitman states the fact that depending on how others react to what you decide to do with yourself, that affects how they experience the results of those choices. It’s healthy to cut those who won’t support you‒ after all, they’ll just drag you down and prevent you from achieving your goals. Surround yourselves with people who are willing to help you fulfil your destiny and educate you on what pursuing it
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