The Alchemist Archetype

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The Alchemist Essay Although a hero seems like a faraway distant character who possesses a unique ability that saves humanity, an everyday citizen in society holds the ability to impact the lives of others can become a hero. In the novel, The Alchemist, the protagonist, Santiago, travels as a shepherd but ultimately, follows The Hero’s Journey Archetype. As Santiago pursues a journey for treasure and self-knowledge, Santiago faces several difficult challenges and character-defining moments that assess his ability to succeed. Coelho depicts Santiago as following the stages of the Hero’s Journey Archetype such as The Mentor, The Abyss, and the Return to the World. Thus, Coelho employs The Hero’s Journey Archetype to demonstrate the…show more content…
The advice Melchizedek imposes to Santiago allows him to further develop correspondingly to the Hero’s Journey Archetype because without the wise king’s advice, Santiago would most likely struggle throughout his journey to maintain the fundamental aspects of his journey and lose sight of the omens that aid him in times of despair. Ultimately, the advice Melchizedek provides Santiago about the secret to happiness and omens permit him to maintain a balanced character throughout his expedition without forgetting his modest upbringing as a shepherd in which he gained several valuable lessons from his sheep. Coordination remains the key to success as one must possess well-balanced characteristics to achieve a Personal Legend and contentment. Furthermore, Coelho demonstrates the theme of balance through the Hero’s Journey Archetype to employ that one must oftentimes persevere through hardship and a deadly encounter utilizing the knowledge one received throughout a self-pursuit of knowledge and defy a seemingly impossible event. While in the desert learning from the Alchemist, Santiago and the Alchemist are captured, and Santiago must turn himself into the wind in order to survive. Eventually, Santiago’s new knowledge about alchemy guide him to overcome the greatest obstacle Santiago faced throughout his entire life. Santiago faces a hero-like transformation into the wind,
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