The Alchemist Character Analysis

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The Alchemist To illustrate, the main message of the story is to always follow your dreams when pursuing them. In the book The Alchemist , Santiago was a young shepherd who was in search for a treasure he saw in his dreams in which he kept constantly dreaming. The young boy went through a quantity of trials in order to be successful in accomplishing his goal. After all the challenges, he was able to achieve his goal and return to Tarifa. For example, after taking a nap at an abandoned church he dreamt something he wasn't able to understand. He suddenly remembered that there was an old woman who interpreted dreams in Tarifa. The old woman told him that there was a treasure waiting for him in the pyramids of Egypt ;furthermore, she told the young boy to go to the treasure to discover it . In addition, the old lady was not gonna charge the young boy anything ;therefore, she told him that she wanted one-tenth of the treasure if he found it. After visiting the old woman he went to the mark to buy a wine and traded his book for a thicker one, he sat at a bench to read his book and drink the refreshing beverage. Moreover, when he finally was able to concentrate on what the book was saying, an old man sat by him trying to start a conversation but he kept trying to avoid talking to him. The old man was very interested in the book that the young boy was reading, he explained to him that the world's biggest lie is that at a specific point in their lives they can't

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