The Alchemist Mood

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This video goes along with the beginning of the story when the lake is weeping for Narcissus. This particular Chopin piece has a melancholy feeling to it, which coincides with the mood of the story.

This video has an uncertain mood to it, similar to the feelings that Santiago experiences when he gets his fortune told by the old woman. After he's heard his fortune he is not entirely sure whether to believe her or not.

The pianist's use of dynamics and phrasing, express the emotion of this piece. This emotion corresponds with the mood of The Alchemist when Santiago meets with the old man for the first time. Both works have a mysterious mood to them.

When Santiago has to decide if he should return to Andalusia or go into the Sahara desert he experiences confusion over what choice he should make. Similarly, when the …show more content…

The Alchemist has the same mood when Santiago meets the Englishman and they begin speaking about Alchemy. He is immediately curious about the subject that the older man is teaching him.

When Santiago first meets Fatima there is an instant attraction between the two. They fall in love in seemingly no time, and continue their relationship even with Santiago away. The type of relationship that Santiago and Fatima share can been heard in the song Clair de Lune. With the rich harmonies and beautiful melody, Clair de Lune portrays the adoring relationship that the young couple experiences in The Alchemist.

This fast paced song has a sense of great urgency. With the quick tempo it conveys an intense mood. This corresponds with the section of The Alchemist when Santiago and the Alchemist get captured by the warriors, and are then forced to show off their talents to the men. Santiago feels a sense of urgency when he is forced to turn into the wind. And while he successfully completes the task that he deemed impossible, the story has an intense

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