The Alchemist Personal Statement

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Personal statement: These highly inspirational words from my favorite book “The Alchemist “have always been great source of motivation for me, “When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. I am from a small village in Sindh Pakistan. I completed my preliminary schooling at a government school in my village then my parents sent me to city for further education. It was a drastic change in my life and I faced many difficulties. I was living away from my home, parents and siblings in Larkana city for my education. I facedfinancial and emotional hardships throughout my teenage years. Something that was most comforting in the midst of all the adversities I was facing was my dream, my passion, my enthusiasm …show more content…

I find internal medicine very fascinating and invigorating. Observing all the signs and symptoms of complex diseases, making differential diagnosis, ordering diagnostic workups and then arriving at conclusions with team work involving attending physicians, residents and interns and then deciding the best management protocol, I found this process very exciting. My mentors were the professors and consultants there; they guided me at each step. Their intellect and passion for medicine encouraged me to learn more from them so I could quench my thirst for …show more content…

Teaching was the most gratifying, pleasant and effortless experience for me. My teaching enhanced my confidence, wisdom, communication and leadership skills substantially. My students always admired my interactive and creative ways of delivering core anatomy concepts to them. I happily helped and facilitated them in the best way I could. I hope to polish my teaching skills further during my residency by creating awareness among my patients by explaining them the pathophysiology, management, long term prognosis and complications of their disease process in an easy and comprehensible way, and also by guiding and educating my junior residents and students so we can effectively work as a team to bring about constructive changes in our working environment and to make it an enjoyable learning experienceI have a passion of taking up challenges and surpassing my own capabilities to accomplish success in adverse circumstances. I have lived a life full of struggles but my determination, conviction and faith never declined. I became more zealous and hardworking with time. . I aspire to become a competent and successful physician in the future and most importantly, a good human being and a valuable asset to the

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