The Alien Movie Analysis

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The Alien is a science fiction horror movie. Its setting in space and the presence of technology and artificial intelligence empathizes on its science fiction genre. Moreover, the presence of the Alien and the fact that it is a threat to human lives reflects it is also a horror film. The movie revolves around seven human beings that have the mission to return to earth from the space.
Throughout the movie, the main goal of the human characters is to return to earth safely. Various dialogues of the crew members show the main goal. For example, when Captain Dallas tells everyone about the Mother’s order for the investigation of the transmission, Parker says that: “I want to go home.” Moreover, when Ripley says that they will proceed with …show more content…

Another authority figure is Captain Dallas. His title and actions show that he is an authority on the ship. Dallas’ title is Captain, so it is clear that has the power to make decisions. Moreover, he gives orders to other crew members and takes the lead in the case of facing obstacles; for instance, when the Alien borns from Kane, Captain Dallas takes the lead to get rid of the alien by closing the air shafts. These actions represent Captain Dallas as an authority. The producer chooses to introduce the authority figures in the movie to relate it to real life because working under the authorities is a common practice in real life.
In the first half of the movie, it seems to the audience that Captain Dallas is the main character, but the Captain's death leaves the audience in shock. After Captain Dallas dies, Ripley takes charge of the ship. She is not very prominent on camera in the first half of the movie. This shift in authority shows by Ripley’s actions; for example, she goes to talk to the mother. Since the mother was only accessed by Captain Dallas, Ripley's access to mother shows she is in charge of the ship. The producer decides to shift in the plotline of the story by making Ripley the main character in the second half of the movie to challenge the stereotypical view of women that they are not equal to men. The survival of Ripley from the Alien shows that women are as

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