The Amendment Of The United States

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The Bill of Right is the aggregate name for the initial ten Amendments of the United States Constitution, which limits the United States federal government. These restrictions serve to secure and protect the natural rights of liberty, including: freedom of religion, speech/press, assembly, and right to petition (seen in the First Amendment). The Founding Fathers needed to guarantee that no man could obtain unwarranted power, which could encroach on an individual’s rights – the rights that came from God to remain intact and cannot be taken away by the government or radicals. The First Amendment to the Constitution confines government from discrimination of religions, and this is beneficial to our country from numerous points of view. Especially on the grounds that the United States was built upon the foundation of emphasizing freedom, this amendment holds essential value to both our government and country. For example in the First Amendment of the Constitution it states:

First and foremost, the First Amendment to Constitution strengthens the moral of our governments, providing a free environment for all kinds of people and cultures. The Pilgrims left England to look for religious freedom, and they found a haven in North America; however, different minorities, for example, the Jews, were not all that fortunate. For example, the Holocaust of World War II alone almost killed the entire populace of European Jews. A couple of hundreds of years back, specific individuals

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