The Amendment Rights Must Be The Most Controversial Section Of The Constitution

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Second Amendment rights must be the most controversial section of the Constitution, it most definitely has to be the most challenged. Lawsuits have been brought up against the Second Amendment for many years, challenging whether or not it should still be a part of the Constitution, and the meaning behind the verbiage used. The anti-gun crowd has attempted multiple times to prove the Second Amendment should apply only to a militia and that the average citizen has no right to own a firearm. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is the largest lobbyist group for pro-gun rights and one of the most powerful interest groups in politics today. They have successfully supported the defense of the peoples’ right to own firearms for many years. After many years of failing to accomplish their agenda, the anti-gun crowd has a new tactic: instead of facing the multimillion members of the NRA (Statistic Brain Research Institute, 2014) they are now going after the gun manufacturers and dealers. They cannot stop the sale of guns therefore they want to eliminate the source. This paper will identify the historical foundation of the Second Amendment, describe the National Rifle Association’s involvement, and site the legal precedence and challenges.
History of the Second Amendment.
In the beginning our forefathers knew that without arms there could be no long lasting liberty or freedom. “The English republican views on the relationship between arms and democracy profoundly influenced the

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