The American Dream By Martin Luther King Jr.

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The American Dream is a theory that is controversial and has many different prospects for each individual. America is the land of the free. It comes with many struggles that are faced by the people who choose to settle here. From the very beginning, the settlers who came to escape from Great Britain and start a new life started the standard life in America. The treatment of African Americans was one example of how the American Dream can be taken away from a group of people, but it also shows how much the American Dream is wanted by that same group of people. “The Declaration of Independence” by Thomas Jefferson, and the “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King Jr., speech are just small beginnings to something as great as what America is today. When the liberation of America came from Great Britain, it came with many struggles that the settlers had to face. They had the idea “that all men are created equal,” (327) and each man has the right to the alienable rights of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” (327). It was the idea that settlers wanted their freedom, because of the unfair treatment from the King of Great Britain. In the Declaration of Independence, it talks about the tyranny the King has over the States and how the King stopped the American Dream from being developed. The King ”refused his Assent to Laws...necessary for the public good”(327). The King vetoed many laws that would provide a fundamental government for the people in America. The King also

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