The American Dream

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The belief of the American Dream has been around for several years, but still the question lingers: is the “promise” to the immigrants being fulfilled? Many argue that America is the land of greater opportunities and freedom. However, in the news, the only stories that are reported are the immigrant success stories, not the ones who failed. It does not take into account the new ideas erupting in the government, and the racial bias immigrants are faced with. Although some may claim that the American dream is being fulfilled because of the high number of immigrants that are economically successful, that is not the case because of racial discrimination, education level, and the changing immigration laws.
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(Wuthnow). Especially with Trump’s new efforts of decreasing immigration rates, only the top skilled immigrants will be allowed into the country. Their race, education, and pay will all be taken into account when deciding whether or not they should be welcome. (Legal Immigration Cut) The sad truth is that the people that come to America without education do not have the same advantages as people who were born and raised here. The education levels truly impact someone’s ability to be successful.
Now, with the efforts of new immigrant laws it is even harder for immigrants to come into the US. People from countries specifically in the Middle East are being denied access in fear of letting terrorists enter the country.(Revised Travel Ban) “Times have changed for immigrants, it’s just not the way it used to be” (Jerry Matuk) People used want to come into the US so desperately to seek a better life, however the more decades go by the more people do not see a reason to come to America anymore. The suspensions of immigrants from middle eastern countries is stereotypical because it is implying that all muslims are terrorists. These are not precautions taken for the safety of Americans, they are preventing people who may be seeking equality, from achieving it. Trumps efforts in cutting down immigration rates because of “unskilled workers” is making it harder and harder for immigrants to pursue a better

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