The American Dream

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The American dream is one of the ideas that guide the culture and society of the United States at the national level. More specifically, the American dream usually refers to the ideals that guarantee the opportunity to thrive and succeed and to meet up social mobility.
The American dream can be defined as equal opportunities and the freedom that allows all citizens to meet their goals in life only with effort and determination. Today, this idea refers to the fact that prosperity depends on the skills of one and his work, not in a rigid sense of social hierarchy, although the meaning of the phrase has changed during the history of America. for some, it is the opportunity to make more wealth than they could have in their countries of origin; for others, it is the opportunity for your children to grow up with a good education and great opportunities; Finally, there are those who see it as the opportunity to be an individual without constraints imposed by race, class, religion, and so on. while the term is often associated with immigration in the United States, Native Americans also describe it as "American Dream Quest" or "Living the American Dream.

Sometimes people don’t realize how hard it is for us the immigrant people to leave everything behind to fulfill our American Dream and must of us never be able to fulfill it. Us as immigrants have the hardest part because we must start a new life from zero in a country where everything is new and to totally

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