The American Dream : The Statue Of Liberty

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The Statue of Liberty embodies American independence and freedom. These principles are the foundation of this nation and give its citizens hope for a progressive and promising future. The immigrants who saw the Statue of Liberty from their ship hoped to live out the “American dream”, which also promised a future full of opportunity. The symbolic torch Lady Liberty holds signifies the light of freedom, however, the broken chain lying around her feet depicts our shameful and repressive past. She stirs the citizens of this nation to be guided by her torch of freedom and warns them never to recede back into subjugation. The American people have the right to pursue the American dream, because of the independence and freedom Lady Liberty personifies. The modern meaning of the American dream produces images of the suburbs, two perfectly behaved children, and a Prius parked in the garage. Unfortunately, this materialistic and shallow dream guides the way Americans live today. In contrast, the American dream, faithful to the principles of our founding documents, ensure equality reaches every suburb, city, countryside, child, man, and woman. America’s standards have lowered and the nation has become too content with their counterfeit American dream. Money can now buy artificial happiness that does not last. However, justice and liberty remain and cost nothing because our predecessors paid for it with their blood and lives. The American dream our forefathers envisioned and Lady Liberty

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