The American Dream and the Mode of Production in “Bordertown”.

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The American dream and the mode of production in “Bordertown” Prominent Karl Marx’s theory on the division of labor and the social class structure, as outlined by his concept of “the mode of production”, directly relates to social equality, ideology, and social economic power. “The mode of production” is understood to be the basis from which the majority of other social concepts, such as the relations between social classes, political and legal systems, work relations, morality and ideology, and many other phenomena, arise. These social concepts form the superstructure, for which the economic system forms the base. This theory is also related to ordinary people’s struggle for truth, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness also known…show more content…
The dreams of workers become shattered and, in reality, their lives become worse and more dangerous than before they came to work for the factories build under NAFTA. For them NAFTA is a new sanctioned legalized slavery. It is obvious that globalization and surplus labor market in “third world countries” play a huge role in a decision for the United States Congress to expand NAFTA throughout the Caribbean Islands, Central America, South America and even further. The big American corporations, who lobby the Congress for the expansion of NAFTA, are well aware that there is a lot of potential cheap labor in many countries throughout the region. It is so beneficial and lucrative for the big American companies to build their factories there, that they simply could not pass this opportunity to earn even more profits by exploiting poor people in the third world countries. By saving billions in costs, the corporations are ready to destroy dreams and lives of thousands of people by making them to work in inferior conditions for long hours and little pay. There are a plenty of other illustrations in other parts of the world. For example, about twenty years ago, when Lavtia became a sovereign country after the collapse of Soviet Union, big European corporation came into country and purchased a large chemical factory in the city were I
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