The American Education System Is Broken And Outdated

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The majority of educated people of the continental United States have gone through the public school system at some point or another. Many have gotten their entire education through this medium. So, if so many of our populace is educated by public schools we would expect that everyone within this institution would get a first rate schooling, right? That we would be giving our children the best education that money can buy? Of course, knowing our government, that dream will stay just that: a dream. The American education system is broken and outdated and we need a complete overhaul if we want our future generations to get the education that they deserve.
Before we ask ourselves “how can we fix it before it’s too late?” we must first truly …show more content…

Actually that is exactly it: they have been the same since their formation. Schools today are a product of history, not research. The blueprint for them was developed during the Protestant Reformation, when schools were created to teach children to read the Bible, to believe Scripture without questioning it, and to obey authority figures without questioning them (Gray). Unfortunately we just teach an academic curriculum using the same format instead of changing according to our children’s needs. Needs such as different learning styles; everyone learns a bit differently. Some are kinetic, meaning hands-on, some are auditory, meaning lectures or songs, and some are visual, meaning pictures, diagrams, and graphs. We do not cater to their varying educational needs well enough. We turn off our children’s amazing drive and capacity to learn with our schooling system by placing on average twenty-five students, all with different learning styles, in a room with a teacher trying to teach all three at the same time and it is just not efficient or very effective. Well we already know what’s wrong and just stating the problem without knowing how to fix it is just a waste of breath. It always helps to have examples to go off of. For the purpose of this example I am going to use our good friend Finland because it ranks very high worldwide in educational standards. Plus I really like their educational system. But what makes

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