The American Nurses Credentialing Center

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Informatics Certification Nurses are consistently rated as one of the most trusted professionals in the United States. One of the reasons for this distinction may be the many nurses who obtain specialty certification within their practice area. Certification confirms the nurse has acquired a level of skill and knowledge above average (Rauen, Shumate, & Gendron-Trainer, 2016). It is important to me to obtain certification when I complete the master’s program in informatics at American Sentinel University. This paper will discuss the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) eligibility requirements to become board certified, the competencies required on the certification test, describing those I have mastered, those I have been …show more content…

Currently, the test is comprised of 175 questions. Of those, only 150 are recorded as part of the exam grade. The other 25 questions are potential questions that may be utilized on future exam editions ("ANCC," 2017). Information Management The first section of content, information management and knowledge generation is broken into three sub categories, foundations of nursing informatics, models and theories, and human computer interactions. Knowledge and skills in these areas are an essential part of informatics nursing. Foundation of Nursing Informatics Knowledge of data is the first competency listed in this category. Examples are types of data, data representation, and imaging. I feel I understand and have a thorough knowledge of data and imaging. I have not worked in informatics so much of this information is foreign to me. Information, such as data aggregation and warehousing, transformation and analysis, are mostly unknown to me. I can venture a guess as to what aggregation and warehousing means and understand the basis of transformation and analysis. I recognize dashboards and use those quite regularly on the computer at work and at home, and have engaged in data presentation during undergraduate studies. Also under foundations in nursing informatics is knowledge such as benchmarking and outcome probabilities and wisdom such as knowledge application,

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