The American Of New Canada

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Welcome good friend to the brand new state of New Canada! What once was a corrupt country north of the center of the world (U.S.) is now the 55th state to the American Empire. The year is 2050, and almost five years since the ending of the Third World War. Five years post war and civilization is still in a state of recovery, which is why we bring Americans a piece of the past and a bit of familiarity with the grand opening of New Canada’s capitol building. We do this to honor the fallen and help Canadians assimilate into American Culture. New Canada is a shell of what it used to be before its great depression and eventually WWIII. The Canadian depression started in 2033 with what historians are now calling “The Great Sellout.” Historians have no idea what initially caused it, but the act was that all businesses in Canada relocated and outsourced to foreign countries leaving millions of Canadian citizens unemployed and Canada without industry. Canada suffered the largest deficit ever to be had by a country at the time and the record only grew higher every year after. In its desperation, Canada sold itself out to China in 2039 in an attempt to improve the lives of its citizens. China took over what used to be car factories and turned them into weapon manufacturers. Only one year after the colonization of Canada, China invaded the U.S. WWIII lasted for five years, ending in 2055 with the U.S. now having control over China and part of Russia, Ukraine, and Japan. These four
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