The American Pit Bull Terrier

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In the State of Kentucky, The American Pit Bull Terrier is banned in the following cities: Alexandria, Augusta, Beaver Dam, Bracken County, Butler, Dayton, Eslmere, Falmouth, Fourt Thomas, Lewis County, Ludlow, Maysville, Pendleton County, Southgate, Walton, and Williamstown (DogsBite). All Pit Bulls in these areas are considered dangerous and will be removed from anyone caught with one and/or euthanized regardless of who owns them. Imagine, having a family member slaughtered because of the "bad rep" people assume the breed brings. This breed deserves a second chance at life.
At first, the breed was considered a Nanny dog due to its loyal and friendly attitude towards children (Holland). Since the 80 's this name for Pit bulls went …show more content…

The fighting alone is abuse, but the prepping for the fight itself is even more horrifying. Pit Bulls spend their lives in a small cage cooped up in filthy conditions. Trainers add weights to the Pit Bulls chain to strengthen the dogs upper body. The Pit Bulls are beaten and starved to increase their aggressiveness. Trainers force the Pit Bull to kill cats or rabbits as form of training to practice for the real deal. After fifteen months of training, the Pit Bull will participate in a "roll" where the Pit Bull fights another for ten minutes to test and seeif the dog is worth the trainers time anymore. If not, the dog is neglected or killed (Silverman 4). This a prime example that people are the problem, not the breed. Some may argue that the American Pit Bull Terrier was bred to fight and attack people; however, it is the trainers who abuse and neglect the breed to make the breed trust no one. Through proper training from a professional trainer, the Pit Bull attacks would go down.
The final road of a Pit Bull in most cities that ban them is the pound. Roughly 75% of shelters euthanize Pit Bulls once they are in their custody because that’s the law in that particular city (Leavitt). Euthanizing is when a drug is administered through the bloodstream of an animal to stop its heart (Dogtime). The ones that get lucky and bypass the euthanasia never get

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