The American Revolution And The Civil War Essay

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Imagine the feelings one may have when living in circumstances where many rights are carelessly being taken away. In our modern day, it is hard to conceptualize not being able to live the way one chooses, yet there was a point in time when we faced imminent threats from both other countries and our own country. The rejection of human rights is a crucial action which can result in a gruesome long term conflict. War is said to be inevitable by many but the study of why some of the most notable battles in history began is even more fascinating; moreover, The American Revolution and The Civil War are two of the most notorious events in American history thus it is necessary to realize just how influential and connected they are to one another. What is more, the powerful figures involved whose dedication prevailed successfully in these ruthless battles. The opposing sides, the British and the Confederate South, thought what they were doing was just due to tradition and already accommodated power, however strong driving forces rightfully fought against the British invasion and fought to end slavery in the South. Ultimately the efforts proved worthwhile. The cataclysm that was The American Revolution can simply be described as a revolt against the British government assumed rule over the United States. It was not just a feud over the demands the British, controlled by King George III, made to the original thirteen colonies regarding tax and trade but an insurgency to gain

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