The American Revolution. The American Revolution Started

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The American Revolution The American Revolution started when King George the 3rd decided to make the American Colonies pay a large amount of money for the debt of the French and Indian War by giving the colonist different types of taxes like the Sugar Act in 1764. The sugar Act of 1764 was a British Law that was passed on April 5, 1764, that collected incomes from the 13 colonies. The act put a huge tax on the sugar and molasses that were imported into the colonies which were a huge impact for the colonies. The purpose of this Act was to stop the trade between New England and the middle colonies which were the French, Dutch and the Spanish in the West Indies. The next law that was introduced was the Stamp Act of 1765. The parliament…show more content…
After this meeting, merchants through the colonies agreed to boycott British cargos to make the parliament to remove the Stamp Act. In 1767, London decided to make a new set of taxes on the Americans. Charles Townshend proposed this new set of taxes to the parliament to put a tax on goods that were imported from the colonies and to create a new board of customs to collect them and to stop smuggling. He intended to use these new incomes to pay salaries of the American governors, and judges. Although, this was not the smart decision to make at this time and the merchants decided to ban the importing of British goods in 1768. This became known as the Townshend crisis. The boycott started in Boston and as soon it was spread to the southern colonies. The colonist decided to buy American products instead of buying British goods, and it became a symbol of American resistance. The idea of using homemade products instead of imported good was not something good for the Chesapeake planters, who found themselves in a huge debt with British merchants. At this point America was on a strike, which was to maintain resistance and they decided not to buy any imported products from Britain. On March 5, 1770, was best known for the fight between the Bostonians and the British troops that were stationed there since 1768. This fight was known as the Boston Massacre, which only 5 Bostonians died. The Boston massacre became the first main point of conflict with
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