The American Revolution : The Causes Of The Boston Tea Party

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“I hold it that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing.”-Thomas Jefferson In the year 1773 a rebellious organization known as the sons of liberty threw an entire shipment of tea from England overboard into the Boston Harbor to show their defiance towards the current tax put on by England. The American Revolution is the most important event in the nation’s history. The Boston tea party was just one of many events preceding the revolution. There are many different factors that contributed to the revolution and its outcome. Some events that affected the Revolution were the tea act, stamp act, navigation act, taxation without representation, Boston tea party, as well as other philosophical and political differences. The revolution also had extreme effects on America itself, as well as other countries. A substantial contributor to the revolution was the tea act of 1773. Tea was the leading non-alcoholic beverage in colonial life due to diseases and viruses in almost all the fresh water. The tea act was passed by parliament in 1773 in order to help the east India Company out of bankruptcy. Tea was sent to the American colonies through England (where it was lightly taxed) from India. Smugglers, however, dealt directly with the Dutch tea supply and the east India Company got no money. To change this, parliament passed an act that taxed all tea that went to the colonies. Merchants who had been acting as the middlemen in legally importing tea stood to

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