The American Revolutionary War Was A Struggle For Many,

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The American Revolutionary war was a struggle for many, no matter the gender or color. Not only during the war, but after too, because wars never end at the battle field. The war was for freedom, and after they received that freedom, they had another job. Next were laws, government, new rules and new challenges. Not only were those fighting for government were stressed, but also the citizens. Citizens like women and African Americans, the ones that were oppressed from regular freedom for so long. The American Revolution was a chance for new life, for all that desperately wanted it. One of the first debates after the war was held at the Constitutional Convention. The Constitutional Convention was held in Philadelphia, May of 1787. The …show more content…

But the smaller states would not nudge, they wanted to keep equal representation. The debate kept growing until Connecticut proclaimed that there should be only one house with representatives and states to have equal. No later than July, the delegates eagerly Roger Sherman’s Connecticut Compromise, which were established in September. The Connecticut Compromise established the representatives to be depended on by population. But the senates are to be of equal number between each state. However, there was still a problem that no one seemed to touch on. The states started wondering how to count slaves in their society, both in representation and taxes. That is when another situation occurred between the North and South. The North only saw slaves as property, not seeing why they should ever be counted in representation. On the other hand, the South wanted slaves to be equal to them and wanted the slaves to be counted with their population. The House then decided to make the three/fifths Compromise, stating the three fifths of the African Americans will count in representation of each state. The next issue they had was how were they to select presidents. The government could see that the rivalry between the larger and smaller states was still burning. They decided to the first Electoral Colleges in America. There was finally satisfaction between larger and smaller states by allowing each states’ number of Electors to be based on each number of senates and

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