The American Society for Public Administration's Code of Ethics: A Case Study

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Many individuals in the contemporary society have trouble directing all of their efforts toward the wellbeing of the institution they work in. These people find it difficult to refrain from performing unethical acts as long as they know they can profit from the enterprise and that they are unlikely to get caught performing these respective acts. The person in the "A Story on Outside Business" video obviously has no problems with using government property with the purpose of achieving her personal goals. As a public administrator, an individual needs to make decisions that reflect on the institution he or she works in and thus has to put across ethical thinking in order to be able to perform his or her job with little to no hindrances. The fact that there are a series of laws that prohibit performing outside business while working as a public administrator makes it possible to understand that the woman in the video has no problems with exploiting her position, regardless of the fact that her behavior is unethical. The American Society for Public Administration's Code of Ethics has several points that denounce the presence of outside business in the case of public administrators and it is very likely that the person in the video was well-acquainted with these respective points. 1. Advance the Public Interest. Promote the interests of the public and put service to the public above service to oneself. The woman did not consider this point, taking into account that she was
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