The American Struggle For Independence

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The United States is a country that was united over the idea that all men are to be created equal, and this was the driving force that pushed the Americans toward liberty. But as time has shown, many groups of people have not been “created equal” in the eyes of the American rebels. From the African slaves, to the Native Americans, and of course the women of America, there seemed to be more inequality driving this nation than equality. This paper aims to show the misdoings to each of these groups, but more prominently show the argument of how the African Americans were the biggest loser in the struggle for independence. Each group suffered greatly on the path towards independence, and with so much bad there still cannot be an eye turned …show more content…

It had seemed that peace was reached, but it was ill met and ended up leading to the end of peace. Though there was heavy opposition with other natives surrounding peace with America, White Eyes and Killbuck remained in favor of peace, this would lead to White Eyes Death and cover up. It seems that there was never a real attempt to make peace with the natives as a whole. It seemed that with the American presence, you were either for them or against. This led to disputes against the Native tribes and a split in the culture. Many believed that there was no chance for independence, while others retreated to joining the Americans to fight against the natives. Killbuck was left with no choice but to join the American pursuit after White Eyes death. It seemed that with the heavy opposition among the native American people, there was no was only one way to join and that was to fight with the Americans. This misdoing forced many into fights they did not want to pursue but were given no other choice. All together it seems that there was never much drive build a healthy relationship with the Native Americans, and this continues to be seen through the following century with western expansion. It seems like this was a missed opportunity by the colonists to gain a new alliance amongst the natives. Though the Native Americans suffered greatly and experienced a civil war amongst themselves, there were others who were experiencing little gain from this revolution and it seemed

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