The Ancient Egyptian Education System

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The history of the ancient Egyptian education system had its roots at the beginning of the Egyptian Kingdom in 3000 BC. Ancient Egyptian education was a system which was implemented to educate younger children in various subjects and topics. Common subjects were reading, writing, mathematics, as well as religious instruction and morals. Education was held in high regard and it was common for people with proper means to send their children to school after a certain age. Children in Ancient Egypt stayed with their mothers until the age of four. During these years, a strong respect for their mothers was instilled in them. While most women trained for motherhood and on how to be a good wife, some girls could train to be dancers, entertainers, weavers, or bakers. Children commonly followed in a similar exchange that their dad rehearsed. At fourteen years old, children of agriculturists or specialists joined their fathers in their professions. Those kids whose guardians had higher status vocations proceeded with their instruction in uncommon schools generally joined to sanctuaries or legislative focuses. The more elevated amount of education included realizing what was called "Instruction of Wisdom" which included lessons on morals and profound quality. The concentration was to grant aptitudes for higher status positions, for example, specialist or copyist. A man's status in the general public decided his child's instructive track. Before the Civil War, Southern states did not

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