The Egyptian Kingdoms And Ancient Egypt

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The history of the Egyptians included their geography and religion, the Egyptian Kingdoms, their life in the Ancient Egypt, and also their accomplishments. The Egyptian Kingdoms included the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms. The Egyptians’ lives in Ancient Egypt included their society and their daily lives. Some of their accomplishments were writing, education, art, and science.
The Nile River was in the heart of Africa. It is the longest river in the world with a length of 4,000 mile, 6,436 kilometer. The Nile River splits into branches and forms the Nile Delta. The Nile Delta goes into lower and upper Egypt. The upper part of the Nile Delta goes into the land upstream and to the south of Egypt. Cities developed at the point where the Nile divides.
Religion provided the Egyptians with a sense of security and timelessness. Theses religious ideas represented the Egyptians as an inseparable part of the entire world. Egyptians were polytheistic meaning that they believed in multiple gods instead of just one. There are two groups of gods that the Egyptians worshipped, the sun gods and the land gods. River gods were considered land gods. The sun was a source of life so it was worth worshipping. The gods had different names and forms based on their role that they played in Egyptian religion. For example, and Egyptian ruler had the title “Son of Ra”. Ra was an Egyptian sun god. King Menes united the upper and lower part of Egypt and created the first royal dynasty.

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