The And Alcohol Safety Course

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Societies believe that parents will do anything possible to keep their children out of harm’s way and lead them to a fruitful future. Both parents in tangent with their societies are trying to prevent teens from experimenting with drugs and alcohol that might lead them addiction and then down an unsavory lifestyle. The teen’s decisions to disobey the law and not seek help could result in high medical cost as well as legal fees. Educational programs inside public schools are not common, most are more concerned about teaching sex-ed rather provide students with other dangers of the world. Despite the few schools that do offer a drug and alcohol safety course, their ability to thoroughly stamp out the ideas of addiction are limited as the students lose force and believe that could never happen to them. As previously stated above scaring the teens was one of the few tactics facilities used to bring them back in line as it is portrayed in the series ‘Beyond Scared Straight’. While their main focus is getting the teens back on the straight and narrow, the show also provides and insight the effects of drugs and alcohol that kids now a day use in order to make themselves seems cool in front of their friends. Nevertheless, the addiction side effect of their choices makes them lash out at other, normally at those who are close to them. Another TV program, Teen Problems, aired in 2012 focusing on teens and other young delinquents who have various substance addictions. Scaring
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