The And Divine Command Theory Overview

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Expressivisim and Divine Command Theory overview

Moral Nihilism states that the world contains no moral features and under this theory are two theories which are error theory and expressivism. The reason that both of these theories are under Moral Nihilism is because they both believe the statement that there are no moral features in the world and that no moral judgements are true. The defining point of Error Theory is that it believes that our moral judgements try and always fail to describe the moral features of things. Although expressivism is a little different, they believe that morality doesn’t exist, but they don’t think there is anything is wrong with it. They believe that at the core of our moral believes that there is no true …show more content…

Take for example:
1. Killing of innocent life is immoral
2. When people kill young animals they are taking innocent human lives
3. Therefore eating baby animals is immoral
If expressivism is true this argument is false because there are no moral feature and everything is just an expression of emotion. Therefore it cannot be a logical argument. This is a hard pill to swallow because we have been having moral arguments for years, so how can we say that expressivism is correct? Also another factor that puts a hole in the theory is an Amoralist. An amoralist is a person who strongly believes an action is right, but is completely indifferent when it comes to actually doing them. Now if this person exist then this negates all of expressivist teaching, because to an amoralists, emotions are not a factor in the reason why they believe things are right. If Error Theory is correct ethics is in a lot of trouble. Ethics is the knowledge of moral principles, and if error theory is correct this knowledge is nonexistent and now false. The Knowledge that has been obtained is now just said to be emotional ties and nothing more. So if expressivist are right it jeopardizes all of morality meaning that nothing is right or wrong anymore just simply an expression of personal emotion. After reviewing expressivism I think that it fails, because when you take psychopaths for instance they know what they did was wrong but they

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