The And Inferior Quality Of Education For African Americans

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Education in America is a continually changing process that develops through centuries of history, social standards of the present, and goals for the future. The purposeful separation and inferior quality of education for African Americans maintained the idea of white supremacy. The enduring struggle for equal African American education in this country developed under a large oak tree in Hampton Virginia (History, 2010). Mary Peake risked her freedom to direct an unlawful class for refugees to aid in their first educational experience. This sparked a revolution in education for recently free African American slaves.
Born in freedom to an Englishman and light skinned black women, Mary Peake experienced unusual advantages most women of color did not (Taylor, 2005). Mary participated in a privileged ten years of education until she was sixteen. She would have continued; however the United States Congress banned schooling for free African Americans. Mary returned home, and then started to educate African Americans. Mary started small by only teaching reading and writing informally. However, solely because the numbers were slight, does not mean the impact was vast. Mary risked her life to spread the wealth of knowledge among underprivileged people. Her voice goes unnoticed today; yet her teachings remain an integral piece of history.
During the time of the Civil War education began to take part in the activist movement. A multitude of the civil rights groups believed in racial…
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