The And Management Of Euro Manufacturing Technologies ( Emt ) Essay

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INTRODUCTION As a lean manufacturing consultant at BSE Partners Ltd, I’m writing this report for Hrvoje “Hervie” Cukeric, chief executive officer (CEO) of Tesu SZZ (Tesu), and the management of Euro Manufacturing Technologies (EMT). Tesu Szz is a welding equipment manufacturing company which originated in 1856 in a shipyard in the port city of Pula, Croatia. It is a small privatized company with its 70 employees as shareholders. It manufactures welding equipment for use in the shipbuilding industry. Tesu is facing financial crisis due to low production capacity and undelivered manufacturing parts. Mr. Cukeric, Tesu’s CEO, is responsible for deciding how to prioritize and solve the unpaid payroll taxes problem, the overdue orders problem, and the unpaid wages problem. This report will provide a microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis to identify potential strengths, and weaknesses, and thereby assessing the opportunities, and threats faced by Tesu. The microeconomic analysis will cover the two influential forces from the porter’s five forces, while the macroeconomic analysis will look at political, economic, and technological factors to analyze the impact on the company’s decisions. MICROECONOMIC ANALYSIS: PORTER’S FIVE FORCES From microeconomic perspective, Tesu’s opportunities and threats are influenced by consumers and competitors in the industry. While we recognize that suppliers, potential new entrants, and substitutes play an important role in assessing company’s

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