The And Neo Nazism : An Anti Islamic Piece Essay

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Ultranationalists represent an extreme version of nationalism, as one’s supreme loyalty towards their nation is held with an emotional bond as well as, held by a sense of danger, fearing that their way of living is at risk, which results in a lack of tolerance towards those deemed ‘foreign.’ Through analysis of various ultranationalist ads and videos, I will employ critical thinking in order to identify the deeper meaning within each example. Through analysis, I will examine the background through the US history of racist treatment of non-white populations with the goal of coming to a conclusion about the effects of racial attitudes. Thus, I will begin by analyzing the European examples of ultranationalism and neo-nazism. First, I will analyze the Anders Breivik manifesto. Breivik is a ultranationalist Norwegian terrorist who, in 2011, killed 77 people in order to spread his message. This video, created by Breivik, is an anti-Islamic piece that calls for a rise against cultural marxism in order to rid the nation of its multiculturalism. Breivik uses fear and violence to convey his message as he takes the lives’ of those who don’t agree with him and depicts Islam as a religion of evil. This creates a sense of danger and leads people to neo-nazism in order to assert superiority and protect it at all costs, using violence, if necessary, to purge the danger. I believe Breivik conveyed his message as his acts of terror set him as infamous, which allows for him to spread his
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