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Alex, Bill, Carl, Devon, and Xavier are all Christians and want their business to be organized and operated in accordance with the Christian worldview. Alex, Bill, Carl, and Devon father ran the business as a sole proprietorship, but they want to form a business entity to own the farm. I am going to be their accountant to help run their business the proper way and right way as Christians should. They are trying to avoid a lot of paperwork, but they also wants to allow their cousin Xavier to handle the day-to-day operations of the farm. Additionally, they want to know ways to minimize their taxes on the entity. They want to keep this a family business; they do not want a stranger owning any part of the business. I think this can be a great thing if their family is on one accord and want to expand the business. When you start having outsiders, they could come in a try to turn things around within the business and make a lot of unnecessary changes. With Xavier being their cousin, I think they have a plan that will make the business successful. As stated above, in this case the form of business organization used by the deceased father is a sole proprietorship. A sole proprietor is someone who owns an unincorporated business by himself or herself (Sole Proprietorship, 2015). This form of business organization is a business in which one person is in control of the management and profits. A sole proprietorship has its disadvantages and advantages. With sole proprietorship, you

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