The And The Canadian Fisheries

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There is a relatively new movement that parallels the growing availability of information and technological advances. This movement is for open access to federal research results, scholarly articles, peer-reviewed journals, and the ability to publish and distribute freely without censorship. Currently those research programs funded by the federal government sit in a purgatory between allowing full access to the information generated, and the censorship of results based of bureaucratic decisions. This phenomena is world wide however, this essay will focus of the specific issue relevant to Canada. This movement to open access shows the changes in relation to the bureaucracy and federal system currently. While there are valid security threats with open access, the citizens in our state have a right to access information generated by the government they pay taxes to. This new age of technology allows access to information instantaneously and along with that comes the danger of misinformation, misrepresentation, and changes the dynamic between the government and population governed. The benefits can be seen relative to the Canadian fisheries example that will be discussed. Furthermore through the increased availability of accurate sources creates the opportunity for an involved, informed public. The trend toward open access to research results funded by the government alters the current relationship between state and citizens; to the extent it creates a more contemporary form
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