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Animal Welfare Act
Casandra Sasaki
Eagle High School

The Animal Welfare Act, passed in 1966, establishes guidelines for the protection of animals used for research and other purposes, defines the requirements for facilities housing those animals, and outlines the procedures for inspection and maintenance of those facilities by government entities. This paper explores the pros and cons of the act as well as the effectiveness of the guidelines and their enforcement. Finally, it makes several recommendations based on the evidence presented.

Policy Identification and Explanation
The policy that I am researching is: “United States Code: CHAPTER 54—TRANSPORTATION, SALE, AND HANDLING OF CERTAIN ANIMALS.” (Animal Welfare Act, 2015). This is the Animal Welfare Act. Because the Animal Welfare act has so many parts to it, the section I am focusing on is: “§2143: “Standards and certification process for humane handling, care, treatment, and transportation of animals” (Animal Welfare Act, 2015).
This specific section is focusing on animal testing in research facilities across the United States. It tells the minimum requirements for animals’ housing, treatment, care, sanitation, etc. This section also states the requirements for procedures done on animals. Section three, part B states: “the principal investigator considers alternatives to any procedure likely to produce pain or distress” (Animal Welfare Act, 2015). The Animal Welfare Act is a federal law,

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