The Anthropocene, “The Age Of The Human,” (Purdy, Pg 1.),

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The Anthropocene, “the age of the human,” (Purdy, pg 1.), the age where humans started making an impact of the planet. The age in humans saying that the Earth is theirs instead of saying that we are just a part of this environment. There has been many definitions, different thoughts, and various implications to how this term should be viewed. With the readings from class and learning about the aspects that differ, I think that it should generally be used as a term or “slogan” for the drastic climate change that humans have created accumulated. The start of the Anthropocene is continually questioned as to when it actually started. Some say around the 1800’s or others say around the 1980’s. However, there is strong evidence to say that it …show more content…

Either way though, whichever theory may be true, both have the same concept and this is when humans started making an impact the Earth. This we can tell by, by looking at the CO2 levels, or in short, when the atmosphere started changing. To support this claim of basing the use of this term around the start of the climate change, there is enough evidence to suggest this and to be able to use it efficiently. There are many examples from every type of ecosystem, for example the ocean, the forests, the water cycles. Everything is affected by the drastic climate change. “Our ‘nature reserves’ are thus in fact ‘culture reserves’ shaped by human activities,” (Mensvoort, page 1). Examples from this article also include talking about how humans have taken over nature, and that we have very little habitats untouched by our generations. “When we speak about nature, we are always in fact talking about our relationship with nature, never about nature itself,” (Mensvoort page 2), which can be taken into many accounts of how humans belief our place on the Earth is, and our thoughts of treating it. However, contrary to this belief, some researchers have stated that we should name this era around the capitalist views that human perceive of the Earth. Something the example “the age

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