The Anti Competition Conduct Of Companies

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Competition is critical, and central to market operations. It fosters innovation and spurs both productivity and growth. All of these together contribute to the creation of wealth and reduction of poverty. However, markets are complicated, and may not always work perfectly. While government action or inaction, in the form of inappropriate public policies and inaction on reform agendas is often associated with poor competition in the markets, anti-competitive conduction by firms is also an obvious cause for it. While efficient and fair markets are critical for the development of private sector and creation of economic growth, effective competition does not occur automatically. The anti-competition conduct of firms, which is directed towards monopolizing the market hurt productivity and growth. Producing images, and not things through endless brand promotions while making production processes leaner with fewer people and processes, creates incompetent markets and increases inequitable distribution of economic benefits of growth. This essay looks at the seminal works of Naomi Klein in her No Logo (2015) and John Dicker 's United State of Wal-Mart (2005) to explore the ways in which brands become 'global despots ', not only breeding a culture of discontent, but also infiltrating the markets - making them less efficient. Klein, in her insightful piece, suggests that in the modern times, the larger companies no longer produce products, but just source them, re-brand them and
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