The Apartheid Has Not Have Happened

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In this essay, I will be discussing how I side with those that believe the music in the film would not have been produced if the apartheid had not have happened. The main issues that I will discuss is this essay is the reasoning that brought me to my position on this issue. I will also explain the apartheid system, give examples of the resistance movement, examine similarities to other protests music, and summarize the key points of the documentary. The apartheid was formed in 1948 when the National Party established segregation laws in South Africa. During my viewing of the film, I noted the following items on the apartheid. The apartheid made the African people alienated, they even had to leave their homes and were forced to separate …show more content…

In the movie, music is present throughout the whole struggle of the apartheid. In one song, I noticed a concept we discussed at length in class, both in lecture and discussion. This concept is timbre, it is defined as the distinct way an instrument or voice sounds. The man had a distinct voice that when he sung it was more like he was talking and speaking his message which was freedom or death. Throughout the documentary the sense of unity of the people and community is one of the clearest points of significance. All the South African people sang together in unity, not only to show resistance to the apartheid throughout protests but also to show strength as a group. In another scene, we see a family singing to a rhythm and stomping to the bass line, while a man talks over them. N Kosi is the people’s anthem, God Bless Africa, it was beautiful to watch them all sing this song together, This song is a prayer song and rather not revolutionary. When typing this I went back through my notes and found that I and written Serefina=the lords prayer song. When googling this, I came upon a video called Serfina, the motion picture featuring Whoopi Goldberg. I recall watching a part of this in class, which brings me to another point, that with research on such a topic as the apartheid we can connect this documentary to our class in many ways. These freedom songs, shown in the film invoke a sense of pride in the people. During such

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