The Apartheid Of African Americans

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African Americans, although liberated from slavery, experienced extreme hardship in the late 19th century. The racist attitudes of the South and the North held them back from a level playing field. Beginning with presidential reconstruction, an example of racism in the South was the enactment of the “Black Codes,” or laws that were made to replace slavery and avoid offering the rights of the 13th Amendment. Some of the laws the “Black Codes” made were the denial of voting rights, rights to seek political office, rights to own firearms, and even in some states the rights to work any skilled job which might compete with whites. Even when Republicans and “Radical Reconstruction” took root, racism eventually won out, and Blacks were denied rights by the effective use of intimidation and laws that attacked their lack of education and monetary holdings. Although progressive Northerners were able to set up the legal framework for equality, the racist beliefs of the majority of America, including Northerners, thwarted the efforts needed to fulfill the attainment of equality for Blacks. “New Immigrants” were also victims of racism, they were treated differently than the old immigrants because they looked different, had different customs, and weren 't from western Europe but instead eastern and southern Europe. Racism regarding their background justified America 's policy of “Laissez-Faire Economics,” which supported letting things be with people and industry. Even though the “New

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