The Apewoman Alternate Ending

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Theodore had heard of the Apewoman from the visiting carny in town. Men and women flocked to view the half-woman. She’d been bred from the mating of a human and Orang hutan, a show of human evolution. He stood near to the back and peered over the shoulders of the crowd. Each stall seemed little different from any other carnival he’d already been to; fire breathers, sword eaters and dwarfs. He’d wanted something more. Theodore could see the faint figure in the far corner of the caged stall. Her face veiled by a wisp of black fabric. He licked his lips, feeling the cracked skin beneath his tongue. He took a step closer. He was wedged behind the back of the crowd and a wall as he stepped towards the doorway. His eyes followed the movement of her hand as she tugged on her skirt. He would …show more content…

His hands thrown frantically above his head. He reached within his pocket to check the time. He could feel eyes looking at him. He shut the fob watch and turned towards the back of carnival. He took quick, egger strides towards the tent he knew the showman would be. Theodore slammed the tent door open, looked onto the burly man behind the desk and watched his slump body straighten out. “I’d like to inquire the price for the purchase of the Apewoman.” *** “£2,000…” Her eyes snapped open as she heard her husband’s curt murmur. With talk of money, she heaved her body closer to the windowsill hoping to catch more. “That’s too much. I shall pay no more than £1,500.” She could hear no further than the quiet mull of breathing that echoed between them. “Will she dance then?” “It can be arranged.” “But Charlestown had the exact same show in the last summer. I want something spectacular.” “There is something that goes beyond reason of the human mind. But, it comes with its price. I’ll give you a once in a life time opportunity for the exhibition of the beast and her monster child for a mere additional

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