The Apology

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The Apology
The apology to me does not really feel like an apology. While Socrates addresses the audience of his accusers, he does not sound apologetic. To me, he actually sounds as though he has a higher than thou view of himself based on the oration of an oracle. While this oracle says that, he is the wisest man in all of Athens he goes around trying to disprove it, in the process inflating his ego. At this point, he starts to remind me of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. – I know I am smarter than you are, and I have no qualms about telling you because your stupid, we both know it and you just proved it -- Although he does claim that it was a Gods will that he do it. As stated before, an oracle said that he was the most intelligent
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Socrates is the farthest thing you can get from being a sophist; he neither recruited his students nor wanted payment for his knowledge. Socrates believed that knowledge was to be shared and that everyone who wanted his knowledge should have it, even if they did not have money.
As for corrupting the young that gathered to learn his knowledge, this is another accusation that is false. Meletus claims in the trial that Socrates is the sole corrupter of the youth and that all the other citizens of Athens improve the youth. He claims that Socrates corrupts the youth by teaching them new divinities and teaching them to not believe in the Gods of the state. Socrates and Meletus argue during the trial about Socrates motives to corrupt the youth. Socrates argues that if he did so, it was unintentional while Meletus argues that his efforts to corrupt the youth were in fact intentional. Socrates is corrupting no one. I can almost feel like I am making a circular argument here, and coming back to smartest man thing, BUT……. I sense maybe some Jealousy from Meletus. I wonder if he is upset that the oracle spoken of before called Socrates the wisest man in the world and he is on a one-man mission to have his tantrum out in a courtroom. There-by having the smartest man in the land killed so that he is the smartest man in the land. Sounds like … huntsmen take Snow White into the forest and bring me back her heart so

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