The Apology in the Cheeseburger Essay

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Going to the park always gave Rick Castle a chance to think while he watched Alexis play. The first times he would come with her, he didn't part from her not for a second, not wanting to miss the any of the fun- and maybe to keep an eye on her too-. However, recently she had started to demand more independence, stating it was silly for her to play with other kids if her father was following her too. It was a bittersweet feeling for him, admiring his kid,but also knowing the little things that marked her baby as such would soon be a part of the past. His baby was growing older, and he'd try to hold on to the little moments as if his life depended on it. And in some ways it did. Escaping from the single mothers that always seemed …show more content…

It's not ready. She's not ready. Detective Beckett. He's not sure if he will ever understand that woman. Even if she's so reserved, he detects things about her, specially by watching -not staring- her while she works. There's something almost magnetic about her, he's intrigued. He's a mystery writer, and intrigued is a force that pulls him. Which is why he's begun to pay close- closer- attention to her as a cop, like source of inspiration And the repercussions of that choice terrifies and exhilarates him. A wail cut his reveries short, he snapped his view towards his little read head, noticing she was on the ground. His fatherly instinct had him running towards Alexis in record speed. "What happened sweetheart?" He asked though he could see she had scraped her elbow. Thankfully it wasn't anything major. "I.. I fell" Alexis cried. The pain clear in her watery eyes, she showed him her injured elbow. Nothing serious, maybe a band aid and an extra scoop of ice cream will do the trick. "I see. It's ok baby, you're just fine." Rick tried to soothed her. "It hurts" "I know, I'm sorry." He kneeled in front of her, grabbed her arm and place a gentle kiss below the scrape "There, better?" "No" Alexis said stubbornly. "Oh" he gasped in mock horror. "It appears my magical powers have been drained, maybe we should go home. Will you come with me, m'lady?" he asked, standing up and extending his arm for her daughter to take.

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