The Arab Spring Revolution is a Failure

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The Arab Spring Revolution is a Failure “Arab spring mishap leads to sharp increase of oil smuggling”, “Syrian revolution starts experiencing causalities”, “Overthrown Egyptian government a downright failure”, “Tunisia on the verge of economic collapse post being struck by the Arab spring revolution”, “Bombing in Libya kills 20 in the proximity of a ration distribution unit”. These were the kind of news headlines the modern world was bombarded with when the riots in the Middle East were instigated. Moreover they were the root cause on the basis of which the Arab spring revolution has been deemed a failure. In 2010 the Middle East experienced a disturbing series of protests and riots against the government. The term Arab Spring was coined…show more content…
To your horrification the young street vendor is engulfed in flames. Yes Mohamed Bouazizi did set himself on fire as to commence this revolution in Tunisia. This sparked another chain of events which had some horrifying effects on both the political and economic scenarios of the entire northern Africa. This revolution can be deemed a failure on multiple streams of thought ranging from economic to political. To structurally analyze the extent of this man made failure lets logically sort out the key events of the uprising. It all commemorated with a jury of self obsessed egotistic individuals who ruled. In January 2012 Ben Ali the political ruler of Tunisia gave in to the public’s demands and fled the country. This key event sparked hope in the minds of people with the message that toppling the Arab regime is not an impossible task. And this is where most of the problems began. Until here the riots were relatively peaceful. When riots started in Bahrain Saudi Arabia saw it their moral obligation send forth troops to assist their neighbors. Following this the public saw no option but to resort to violence and vandalism. This had yet another ripple effect on not only the masses of surrounding countries but also on their governments. This only aggravated with the bombing of Tripoli and the killing of Gaddafi. Some political leaders saw it wise to flee their nations such as that of Yemen but some leaders were just persistent. Subsequently Syria managed to
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