The Arab Spring: A Worldwide Revolution Essay

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“When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right” is a quote from Victor Hugo that symbolizes the new age of human rights. Over the years, countries around the world have witnessed terrifying yet life-changing revolutions, but no one in history had expected for such a quick and sudden revolution to begin like the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring has allowed people, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, to speak out for what they believe in today. Many laws have been overturned due to the amount of pressure the people are putting on their government. One revolution started it all, and ever since then, we have realized many of the biggest protests in history, the rise and downfalls of the economy, a different side to the …show more content…

Most countries affected by the civil wars have been cut off from any regional connections therefore they weren’t able to attract many of their regular customers. The UAE has taken that to their advantage by reeling in the customers who would normally shop in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen and give them the opportunity to shop in places in the UAE instead of in a dangerous country. This has led to a 10% rise in spending by shoppers affected by the Arab Spring. The United Arab Emirates is known as a modern country with a stable government system that the public seems to respect. Governments from different countries such as Syria have shut down Internet and power connections to avoid the world to see the troublesome county. Because of these barricades, countries such as the United States and England have been keeping a close eye, especially since they cannot export and import products between countries. Perhaps the Middle East would’ve been better off without the Arab Spring.

Although the people’s voice is being heard and changes are being made, blood flows down the streets as people are being killed violently everyday. Many people believe it would have been more beneficial if the Middle East had completely avoid the Arab Spring or at least have gone a more passive road. Through the history of the region, leaders of Arab countries have anchored their position to later become rich and

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